Leadership and management

Conférence sur le management et le leadership par UnoMe le Swiss speakers' bureau

Only those managers with a leadership mentality can successfully drive your employees!

Certain people have an innate sense of leadership, whereas others need to acquire it – but in both cases this needs nurturing. The most effective way to achieve this is to have experience shared among equals.

And what better than learning from leaders recognised in Switzerland?

Our Leadership speakers are leaders who are renowned in the economic sphere in Switzerland and who have frequently acquired international prestige too. To be able to benefit from their leadership experience is a rare and real opportunity in today’s world where business is in a constant state of flux.


We can guide the conference and the interactions with the speaker so that there is a significant impact on the function and leadership mentality of your managers.


Depending on your requirements, we can also orient the speaker so that he can help to reinforce your existing management tools.

Géraldine Fasnacht

Edgar Grospiron


Philippe Moreillon

Mathieu Rebeaud

Antoine Dénériaz


Charlotte Chable