Customer service and the art of selling

Conférences sur la vente et le service client - par UnoMe, le Swiss speakers bureau

Master the art of selling!

A good salesperson is, above all, a professional – a professional who has to master the fundamentals but also regularly improve those key skills.  A solid foundation will help to improve individual techniques and enable your employees to become powerful salespersons.

Today, commercial relationships don’t stop with the sale of a product or the signing of a service contract.  The concept of customer service is the new mantra. Customers need to be nurtured and you need to provide them with a ‘user experience’ from the moment they seek information about a product or service up to the point where they start using it.

Customer service – the new dimension for business relations.

Nowadays, it’s not sufficient just to sell.  Customers need to be nurtured and they need to have a user experience, from the moment they show interest in the product or service through to their using it and even beyond.

The art of selling

Let’s work together to develop your skills and make you salesperson par excellence.

Customer service

We shall provide you with the methods for organising a users’ route map which will enable effective conversion of prospects into customers, and then to gain their loyalty.