Isabelle Musy's conferences

Working first as a culture and society journalist before spending many years as a sports reporter, Isabelle Musy has covered a plethora of large-scale events, including the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the America’s Cup, the World Ski andAthletics Championships, and various Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Isabelle’s role has given her the opportunity not only to rub shoulders with sportslegends such as Roger Federer, but also to converse with key decision-makers from the world of finance and sponsorship.

After a long career in the written press, Isabelle now works in television. Her many assignments across the globe have given her frequent opportunities to take part in discussions on a variety of topics, inboth, French and English, particularly in areas such as stress management and the fulfilment of potential.

Isabelle’s atypical career path, has led her to work not only in Switzerland, but also in London and Paris. She has also taught English at a communications college and has worked as a simultaneous interpreter at conferences. Isabelle has taken on the role of moderator onseveral occasions at sports conferences for particular sponsors and has also chaired discussions involving sports professionals.

Learn from a Professional Journalist

Let UnoMe help you benefit from the expertise of a press and television journalist. Isabelle has worked alongside sports men and women at the top of their game and holds high-quality conferences on personal and team motivation, customer service and art of selling.

Conference Themes

Individual and Collective Motivation
Customer Service and the Art of Selling