Conferences by Laurent Alexandre

Laurent Alexandre has his sights firmly set on a few years in the future. His perceptiveness is based on solid experience, accumulated knowledge and his passion for forecasting what lies ahead. Laurent provides great insight into the current state of society, specialising in topics such as transhumanism, biotechnology, computing (including artificial intelligence), med tech and social science.

As you would expect of the son of a doctor, Laurent studied medicine, eventually becoming a surgeon and urologist. At the same time, however, he took HEC Paris’s MBA programme and trained in corporate management. Further studies at ENA only served to reinforce Laurent’s unique personality. Four years after obtaining his original qualification as a surgeon, he set up his first consulting company in 1994, followed by Medcost in 1995 with a handful of partners. Dr Alexandre co-founded Doctissimo, the famous website dedicated to health, in 1999. This was just as the earliest websites were taking shape, and before the wave that heralded the 2.0 social web. Laurent had guessed right and anticipated what internet users wanted. Doctissimo was later bought by the Lagardère group for 139 million euros.

Laurent turned his full attention to the world of DNA research and sequencing in 2010 when he acquired DNAVision. In parallel, he threw himself into the media on buying a stake in La Tribune newspaper.

Dr Alexandre is also an author, publishing numerous articles in magazines such as L’Express, We Demain (the now famous magazine for the world of tomorrow), the Huffington Post and the French daily Le Monde. Laurent’s latest book, La Guerre des Intelligences, disrupts current ideas about the equilibrium of the world, concluding that that there is an alarming imbalance.

Laurent’s favourite subjects are transhumanism and artificial intelligence, and he can also give a high-powered TEDx talk entitled « Death in decline: are we heading towards immortality in the near future? » But Dr Alexandre’s thirst for knowledge is not limited to this area – he also discusses economic and training issues as well as political and social questions.

Laurent speaks to his audiences in simple terms about complex subjects such as nanotechnologies, computer science, genetics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.

Laurent is now offering expert lectures for UnoMe with an effective, offbeat and unifying appeal.

Languages spoken:

  • French
  • English

Laurent Alexandre delivers conferences all around the world and in whole Switzerland in french or english

Learn from a medical doctor and get ready to influence

UnoMe invites you to dive into the future with Dr Laurent Alexandre, a passionate expert on the world of tomorrow. Laurent bases his lectures on his mastery of hard sciences such as medicine and genetics supplemented by his in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurial strategy and the world today.

Laurent’s expert lectures cover cutting-edge topics:

  • Genetics
  • Medical science
  • Forecasting
  • Artificial intelligence and IT
  • Transhumanism
  • Policy
  • Training

Conferences of Laurent Alexandre

Philosophy and prospective
Future and Digital
Medical and Science

His publications

  • Google Démocratie, a novel with David Angevin, Naïve, 2011
  • La Mort de la mort: comment la technomédecine va bouleverser l’humanité, Jean-Claude Lattès, 2011, 425 p. (OCLC 746463078)
  • Adrian Human 2.0, a novel with David Angevin, Naïve, 2013
  • La Défaite du cancer, Lattès, 2014
  • L’Homme qui en savait trop, a novel with David Angevin, Robert Laffont, 2015
  • Les robots font-ils l’amour?: le transhumanisme en 12 questions, with Jean-Michel Besnier, Éditions Dunod, 2016
  • La guerre des intelligences. Intelligence artificielle versus intelligence humaine, JC Lattès, 2017, 250 p