Conferences of Karina Hollekim

Karina Hollekim conferences

Karina Hollehim is a Norwegian base jumper and free rider know for being the first female to complete a ski BASE.

At the age of 30 she had to recover from a near-fatal crash because of her parachute. It failed during a simple parachuting jump. Karina hit the ground at a high speed and her legs were fractured. She was said by the specialists that she would never walk again… After 20 surgeries she managed to come back and start again to ski in 207.

Spoken Languages

  • Norwegian
  • English

Karina delivers conferences all around the world in english

Learn from a base jumper who failed and went back

With UnoMe and Karina Hollekim discover how to unlock the mysteries of resilience and personal motivation during great conferences :

  • Be resilient to succeed
  • 20 seconds of joy
  • Life beyond fear
  • Her story as a base jumper

Conferences of Karina Hollekim

Individual and Collective Motivation


  •  20 Seconds of Joy  as the People’s choice awards at the 2007 Banff Mountain Film Festival.
  • The Wonderful Feeling of Fear (autobiography)