Conférences de Raphaël Domjan

Conferences with Raphaël Domjan, a leading ecologist explorer, with UnoMe, the Swiss Speaker's Bureau

Raphaël Domjan hails from Neuchâtel in Switzerland, where he was born in 1972.

He started his solar love affair at the age of 32 and was the first to circumnavigate the world on solar energy, between September 2010 and May 2012, during the epic adventure of the PlanetSolar catamaran. This first expedition – both original and successful – gave him confidence to try something even more ambitious.  His latest idea is to be able to fly into the stratosphere with a solar-powered plane, the SolarStratos. As an experienced pilot, no machine frightens him and, as a true explorer, he is happy to be confronted with the unknown in whatever form.

Raphaël may be an adventurer, but he has his feet firmly on the ground as an ecological entrepreneur. He is the founder of a company specialising in storing solar data, Horus Networks Sarl. This true solar son is full of ideas and extremely resourceful.  He devises the projects and leads the expeditions. From 2012, he started to pass on his vast experience by giving high-level and top quality conferences. He has become a professional speaker, and a member of the Global Speaker Association with the objective of transmitting an optimistic message about experimental ecology.

The SolarStratos adventure is a defining ‘moment’ in the career of this explorer and conference leader. This project to fly into the stratosphere with a solar-powered aircraft has already consumed four years of his life, and he has high hopes of realising his dream by 2019.

Thus Raphaël Domjan travels the world giving extremely uplifting conferences where he shares his vision of an optimistic and modern view of ecology.


The speaker’s languages:

  • English
  • French

Raphaël Domjan can provide you with a conference anywhere in the world.

Learn from an adventurous, intrepid, modern-day Dr. Livingstone

Using the Swiss Speaker’s Bureau, UnoMe, take advantage of the vast experience of Raphaël Domjan taken from his innumerable projects, in particular PlanetSolar. Raphaël has more than 200 conferences under his belt in Switzerland and around the world.  He is able to convey his ideas of collective working and motivation, sourced from his pioneering spirit, the delight in carrying out an exploit and the thrill of exploration. Bitten by the ecology bug, he transmits an optimistic and very pragmatic vision of the world.

Here are some of his Swiss conference themes:
• PlanetSolar, the first round-the-world solar-powered adventure
• Success starting from zero
• Solar adventures
• SolarStratos, Mission “To the edge of space”
• Experimental ecology

Conferences by Raphaël Domjan

Economics and Finance
Philosophy and forecasting

His achievements and major projects

  • SolarStratos
  • SolarArticPassage
  • Lake Titicaca
  • WebRobinson
  • Wave2013
  • PlanetSolar
  • SolarTaxi
  • Sun21
  • HoruSolar

Reference: Raphaël Domjan’s Wikipedia Entry