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Conférence de Marie Martinod sur la motivation et le bien-être au travail par UnoMe le Swiss Speakers’ Bureau

Marie Martinod, the Olympic half-pipe silver medallist from Bourg Saint-Maurice in France. From a family who loves winter sports, Marie Martinod started skiing when she was two and a half. She started mogul and freestyle skiing when she was nine, at the traditional « Club des sports ». The Dynastar team then took her on board, and at the age of 16, she started competing in international freestyle contests. At the time, this was considered as a sport for boys. However, with her motivation, Marie Martinod managed to find a place for herself, winning several contests over several years.

For her personal development, she ended her career when she was 23, to start a family.

In 2011/2012, she was back in the game, enjoying half-pipe, which was introduced to the Olympics in 2014 in Sochi.

In 2013, she won the X Games, and won an Olympic silver medal in 2014. Due to health reasons, she had a quiet season between 2014 and 2015. In 2016, she was back on the podiums, winning two medals in three world cup rounds.

She is now the eldest of half-pipe athletes in the world cup, and an accomplished mother and wife.

Languages spoken by the speaker

  • French
  • English

Marie Martinod can host your conferences all over Europe and in English-speaking companies.

Learn from a determined athlete

Marie Martinod, an Olympic freestyle skiing and half-pipe athlete, will have the pleasure of giving a conference in Switzerland on her career, combined with her role as a wife and mother of a little girl.

But Marie Martinod’s secret is her positive attitude! Indeed, she has always been able to tackle challenges to drive her career further. She overcame challenges right from the very beginning, winning in a so-called « male » sport, and returning to the circuit after 6 seasons on pause. And in 2017, she had the best season of her life, without sponsors!!!

With her positive attitude, determination, and support from her family, she made herself known all over the world, and offers to share this energy with you in your company.

Conference Themes

Individual and collective motivation
Well-being at work



  • Won 3 out of 4 world cups (including the Pyeong Chang pre-Olympics)
  • Crystal Globe winner
  • X Games Aspen winner
  • Vice world champion


  • 3rd place Park City World Cup
  • 3rd place Tignes World Cup
  • 4th place Oslo X Games


  • Knee injury


  • 3rd place Aspen Games
  • 2nd place Olympic Games
  • 1st place Tignes SFR round
  • 3rd place Copper Mountain World Cup
  • 2nd place Park City World Cup


  • 1st place X Games, Half-pipe – Tignes
  • 2nd place SFR round, Half-pipe – Val Thorens
  • 5th place, World Championship, Half-pipe – Oslo
  • 4th place pre-Olympic World Cup – Sochi


  • French half-pipe champion
  • 2nd place SFR round, Half-pipe – La Plagne


  • 1st place, Half-pipe, Whistler Invitational
  • 1st place, Bouygues Telecom Freestyle round, SlopeStyle – La Plagne
  • 1st place, Bouygues Telecom Freestyle round, BigAir – La Plagne
  • 3rd place, X Games, Half-pipe – Aspen (Colorado)


  • 1st place, European Open, Half-pipe


  • 1st place, Whistler Invitational Half-pipe
  • 1st place, US Open, Half-pipe
  • 1st place, World Cup of the International Ski Federation, Half-pipe


  • 1st place, US Open