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Marwan Mery’s conferences about professional negotiator and expert in lie detection and profiling, by UnoMe the Swiss Speakers Bureau

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Marwan Mery is an expert in negotiation, lie detection, and profiling. He was born on 29 September 1975 in Beirut. He has authored several books and gives conferences on these subjects.

His remarkable career started with his international business studies at Sorbonne University in Paris. To fund his studies, Marwan came up with the idea of playing poker. It soon became a passion for him. He became fascinated about bluffing. Afterwards, the various positions he held in multinationals all involved negotiation. Air France, Danone, and Red Bull are amongst the large groups he has worked with.

Marwan has also helped casinos in France and elsewhere to identify scams and cheaters, for over 10 years. With his experience in the field, and as a profiling expert, he authored many books on human behaviour and lie detection.

In the 2010s, Marwan Mery took the entrepreneurship plunge. He set up the company Egocia, and then created MMG (Marwan Mery Group). In 2012, Marwan Mery and Laurent Combalbert partnered to found ADN Group, the « Agence des Négociateurs ». Together, they intervene in crisis situations in multinationals and governmental organisations all over the world.

Their life as professional negotiators is so fascinating that it inspired the TV series Ransom, broadcast on TF1 since 21 June 2017.

Languages spoken by the speaker

  • French
  • English

Marwan Mery offers conferences all over French-speaking Switzerland, from Geneva to Lausanne and goes worldwide if when needed.

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Conference Themes

Economics and finance
Philosophy and forward planning

His books

2013: Manuel de négociation complexe : Menaces, mensonges, insultes… méthodes et techniques pour faire face à toute situation (“Manual on complex negotiating: Threats, lies, and insults … techniques and methods to face all kinds of situations”), Eyrolles, in French

2014: Vous mentez ! Détecter le mensonge et démasquer les menteurs, (« You’re lying! Detecting lies and uncovering liars »), Eyrolles, in French

2015: Comment neutraliser les profils complexes : menteurs, pervers, suicidaires, harceleurs, (« How to bring complex profiles under control: liars, perverts, suicidal people, and harassers »), co-authored with Laurent Combalbert, Eyrolles, in French

2016: Les 5 leviers de la confiance : aidez vos collaborateurs à se dépasser, (« The 5 levers of trust: help your staff to surpass themselves »), co-authored with Laurent Combalbert, Eyrolles, in French